Weekly Pool Cleaning and Chemical Balancing

Our Certified Pool Operators (CPO) licensed technicians provide the following services every week:

  1. Keeping your pool in balance by testing water and applying appropriate chemicals and products.
  2. Scrubbing both above and below the waterline as needed.
  3. Brushing the pool walls as needed. If debris is visible on the bottom of the pool, vacuum the pool using either a manual or an automatic pool cleaner.
  4. Emptying and cleaning the skimmer basket and the pump strainer basket.
  5. Observing the equipment to make sure it is operating up to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  6. Using a leaf rake to remove floating debris, emptying the rake into a garbage bag as needed.
  7. Adjusting timers.
  8. Checking for leaks.
  9. Provide preventative maintenance suggestions to minimize future equipment downtime.
  10. Pool cleaning & chemical treatments provided weekly, year around.