Start-Up, Equipment Inspections & Transitional Services

New Pools: We offer comprehensive transitional service from the pool builder upon completion to you if you are a do-it-yourselfer, or we can initiate the chemical balancing and weekly service to be your pool servicing professional.

Equipment & Pool Inspections: We provide equipment and pool inspections to inform you of how your pool is operating compared to manufacturers specifications, and to insure your water is clean and offers the optimal swimming environment.

Green pools:
Green pools only result from chemicals being out of balance or pumps not running the required amount. This usually happens during the winter and early spring, and only if the pool is not being serviced. Rainfall is the primary contributor to this. Covered pools can still turn green if rainfall can pass thru the cover. Most pumps will last many years without problems, however killing and removing algae is very hard on your equipment and pumps. Pools which require high levels of chlorine or acid to fix algae problems often cause equipment failures following these green episodes. If you are in the normal weekly service pattern, your pumps are running per our schedule and your pool turns green, we will return it to clean at no charge to you.