Problem Solution
Water is dripping from the filter, pump or plumbing Tighten the fittings and inspect hoses for cracks. You may need to replace gaskets in some of your valves if they’re worn out. If you can’t get the leaks to stop, contact a pool professional
Sand or DE is setting on the bottom of the pool near the return jets A cracked filter component could be sending sand or DE back into the pool. Take the filter apart and make any necessary repairs. You may need to contact a pool professional depending on which part is damaged. There’re are also a possibility that an underground pipe is leaking, which could allow sand into the pool. If this is the case, you may be losing water as well. Contact a pool professional to make repairs
Filter output is low Backwash your sand or DE filter or clean your cartridges filter depending on which type you have. If the output is still low, you may have a cracked filter component that’s sending sand or DE back into the pool. Also, a DE filter may need its grids acid-washed, and a sand filter mat need a change of sand. If that fails, contact a pool professional.
Air bubbles are coming out of the return jets This usually means there’s a leak somewhere along the suction line, often near the skimmer. If that’s the case, it’s time to call professionals. This is not a repair for the unskilled.
There’s a depression in the ground or patio block and stone are sinking This could mean that you have a leak in an underground pipe that’s washing away soil an causing the depression this is a repair for the professionals.
The pump makes a screeching noise and/or does not seem to run properly After sitting idle all winter, a pump can encounter problems when it’s restarted in the spring. Either take the pump in for repair or replace it if you think it`s on it`s last legs anyway.
The pool is losing water If you notice the water level in the pool dropping, it may be caused by more than mere evaporation. Chances are the winter’s freeze and thaw has caused some structural damage that needs immediate attention. Finding the source of a leak can be like finding the veritable needle in a haystack. In fact, leak detection is a whole industry unto itself, and you may need to call in the pros to locate and patch the leak.

Sometimes you can home in on the leak. If the pool water level drips to the bottom of the skimmer and then stops, the leak is probably on the suction side of the pool equipment. if the pool water level goes down to the bottom of the return jets and then stops, this usually means there is a leak somewhere along the return line.

Similarly, if the leak goes down to the light niche, the leak is probably related to the light fixture. If the water stops at any point, the leak may be due to crack in the pool wall or a tear in the vinyl liner at that point. If the water keeps draining out, you may have a leak in the pool floor – which is the worst possible place. With the exception of small vinyl line repair, all leaks should be repaired by a trained professional.